Lee University Catalog 2013-2014 
    Apr 24, 2018  
Lee University Catalog 2013-2014 [Archived Catalog]

Graduate Studies in Business (M.B.A.)

College of Arts and Science Graduate Studies in Business (M.B.A.)

J. Matthew Melton, Dean

Graduate Studies in Business

Shane Griffith, Graduate Program Director

Mission and Philosophy:

Lee University seeks, through an advanced degree in business taught from a Christian worldview, to better prepare individuals to face the challenges of a complex world. Unfortunately, the consequences of unethical business practices have become common news. The call for businesses to contribute to society rather than maximize profits is increasingly louder, and it the mission of this distinctively faith-based program to train current and future business personnel to be leaders in their field.


The Graduate Studies in Business Program seeks to impress the following goals upon graduate students enrolled in the program:

1. Increased awareness of the global economic environment
2. Deeper understanding of the functional areas of an organization including finance, management, marketing, and operations
3. Improved skills in research, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in problem solving
4. Increased ability to develop and implement specific strategies to address organizational problems
5. Sensitivity to the application of Judeo-Christian values in decision-making

Learning Objectives:

1. Complete a financial analysis to develop a greater understanding of an organization’s financial position
2. Design and evaluate organizational structure
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies
4. Determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational culture
5. Develop strategies to better accomplish institutional goals
6. Utilize sophisticated quantitative models to solve business problems
7. Determine budgetary needs to implement a selected strategy

Admission Policy:

Graduate programs at Lee University are open to persons holding a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university whose undergraduate or graduate work has been of sufficient quality and scope to enable them to profitably pursue graduate study. Specific criteria for admission to the MBA program include:

  • An undergraduate cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above on a 4 point scale
  • Recent (within 5 years) scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT Institutional Code: 8QV-QG-11). Test dates/locations and informational materials for the GMAT are available online at http://www.mba.com.  
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4 point scale for any graduate work completed
  • No specific undergraduate major is essential for admission. However, applicants without undergraduate courses in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, and statistics will be required to complete the appropriate undergraduate course prior to full acceptance
  • Applicants must submit a completed Lee University Application to Graduate Studies, (leeuniversity.edu/uploadedFiles/GradApp.pdf) official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, two recommendation letters, a statement of background and professional goals, and a resume.
  • A student has a maximum of six years from the beginning of the first course in which to complete the requirements for the MBA.
  • MMR Immunization Verification (if born after January 1, 1957). The Certificate of Immunization form (leeuniversity.edu/uploadedFiles/Content/health-clinic/ImmunizationForms.pdf) must be completed and signed by a licensed health care provider and returned to the Lee University Health Clinic prior to registration. 
  • Proof of Chicken Pox Immunity (Required for all full-time students born after 1979).

Transfer Credit:

The transfer of up to six semester hours of graduate level coursework from a regionally accredited institution will be allowed upon approval of the director of the graduate program.

Probationary Acceptance:

If an applicant does not meet the admission requirements, he/she may be considered for probationary acceptance. The student will be granted full admission status upon completion of the first six hours with no grade below a B.

Hybrid Format:

Each course is offered in a hybrid format consisting of a traditional in-class and an online component. The courses are designed so that the online content is effectively integrated with classroom activities. This unique format enables students to complete two courses each semester while attending class only one evening each week.

Completion Requirements for Degrees in the Graduate Programs in Business:

The MBA program consists of a total 12 courses (3 credit hours each). It is assumed that a typical student will take two courses each semester and complete the program in six semesters.

BUSN 510: Evolution of Management Thought
BUSN 514: Organizational Theory
BUSN 518: Marketing Management
BUSN 520: Business Modeling
BUSN 525: Operations Management
BUSN 530: Managerial Economics
BUSN 534: Accounting for Managers
BUSN 538: Financial Management
BUSN 540: Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
BUSN 545: Management of Information Systems
BUSN 580: Experiential Management
BUSN 595: Strategic Management

Academic Policy:

In accordance with the Lee University policy for graduate studies, satisfactory progress toward the degree is required. A student may be disqualified from further graduate work if a 3.0 grade point average is not maintained. In the event that the grade point average drops below the minimum level, the student may be given one enrollment period to raise it to the satisfactory level. Additionally, no more than two “C’s” are acceptable. Students will be dismissed from the program with a third “C” or below.

Business Graduate Committee:

The Business Graduate Committee’s responsibility is to give administrative oversight to the graduate program. The committee considers and recommends curricular changes to the Graduate Council, approves all program policies, assesses effectiveness of the graduate program, serves as the Admissions Committee, reviews candidacy, and approves applicants for graduation.


Master of Business Administration