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    Dec 07, 2021  
Lee University Catalog 2013-2014 
Lee University Catalog 2013-2014 [Archived Catalog]

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Estimated Average Cost Per Semester
(excluding personal expenses, books, and special fees for certain programs)
  Full-time Students with Room and Board
Full-time Students without Room and Board
Itemized Expenses Per Semester (for full-time students who are taking 12-17 hours)
  Tuition (for full-time students who are taking 12-17 hours) $6,600
  This does not include Student Services fee, student teaching, private music fees, or certain other special fees.  
  Student Services Fee (required, per semester) 275
  Each semester hour under 12 hours & over 17 hours 550

The above charges do not include BOOKS and SUPPLIES which are sold in the Lee University Bookstore. Students must be prepared to pay for books and supplies with cash, check or a major credit card. Books and supplies will not be charged to student accounts (unless the student is eligible for a book voucher).

Book Vouchers

Students will receive a book voucher only when their financial aid exceeds the amount of their school bill. If a student qualifies for a book voucher, the student will be able to go to the bookstore and use his or her Lee ID to purchase textbooks after he or she completes registration.  (Non-textbook purchases may not be paid for with a book voucher.) Charges for textbooks purchased will be applied to the student’s account at the time of purchase.  Questions regarding book vouchers should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office.

NOTE:  Students are not required to use book vouchers to purchase textbooks.

Additional Fees


Other expenses for all students, when applicable, include:  
  Audit Fee (per semester hour; note, students may not audit applied music lessons)   $75
  Auto Registration and Parking Fee (per year)   40
  Deferred Payment Plan Fee (per semester)   85
  Academic Transcript   5
  Graduation Application Fee   100
  Late Registration Fee   50
  Proficiency Exam Administration Fee   30
  Proficiency Exams (for each hour’s credit established)   30
  Returned Checks (per check)   30
  Schedule Change (per transaction)   10
  Student Teaching Fee (per course)   100
  Language Assessment fee (for French and Spanish majors, charged during the semester in which they register for the Major Field Test)    130

Part-time Student Fees (for students taking under 12 credit hours)

 Students who register for a part-time load will be charged as follows:    
  Semester hour   $550
  Registration (required, per semester, non-refundable)   25
  Technology Fee (required, gives access to campus computer labs)   35
  Late Registration   50
  Health Service Fee (optional)**   75
  Student Activity Fee (optional)   50
  Student Publications Fee (optional)   50
   ** The Health Service Fee must be paid in order to receive services offered by the Health Clinic and the Counseling Center.    

Commuter Meal Plan Fees

Commuter Meal Plan (optional)   $430
  (75 Meals per semester plus $75 flex dollars)    
  The meals and flex dollars expire at the end of each semester    

 Residence Hall Students - Room and Board Fees (per semester)

Room Rent

Residents of Brinsfield Row, Livingston East, and Church St., & Walker St. Houses   $2,025
Residents of B.L. Hicks, Bowdle, Keeble, Livingston, O’Bannon, Storms, and Auxiliary Housing   1,880
Residents of Atkins-Ellis, Cross, Davis, New Hughes, Sharp, Tharp, and Auxiliary Housing     1,575
Residents of Medlin, Nora Chambers, and Simmons    1,325


Unlimited Meals ($100 flex dollars, no meal equivalency allowance)   $1,650
All 21 Meals ($31 flex dollars)   1,630
Any 15 Meals ($60 flex dollars)     1,560
Any 10 Meals ($120 flex dollars)     1,450

Miscellaneous Residential Hall Fees

Breakage Fee (first semester, non-refundable)   $35
Key deposit (payable at check-in, refundable)   30
Programming Fee (first semester, non-refundable)   35
Residence Hall Technology Fee (per semester)   50

Freshmen and sophomores are required to live on-campus.  Local freshmen and sophomores who wish to live off campus must live with an immediate relative (not including siblings). An Off-Campus Application must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life and Housing. Please see specific requirements for off-campus criteria.

Students with fewer than 30 cumulative credit hours and are 20 years of age or younger are required to participate in a university meal plan. If a student does not select a meal plan the default meal plan of 21 meals per week will be selected for the student’s use.  Charges will be applied accordingly.

Exemption of a meal plan is made only for a specific medical condition that would not permit a student to eat at any food service location on campus.  To be considered for exemption, a signed physician’s medical note is required, as well as a signed letter from the management of the University’s food service provider, stating that the food requirements for the student cannot be met.  

Married and Non-Traditional Students



Carroll Court Apartments (includes utilities):    
  Rent (per month) - One Bedroom   $515
  Rent (per month) - Two Bedroom   575
  Key deposit (payable at check-in time, refundable)   35
  Programming Fee (first semester, non-refundable)   35

Course Related Fees



Laboratory Fees

  Foreign languages (per course, applies to all 211 and 212 level courses, FREN-341, and SPAN-213)   $35  
  Foreign languages (per course, applies to all 111 and 112 level courses in the summer only) 35  
  Information Systems 35  
      (IS students taking multiple courses will be charged a maximum of two computer lab fees.)    
   General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics (per course)   50
   Classes offered in a technology lab and/or that require software (per course)   40

Course Fees

  Physical Education Activity (including PHED-100)   $25
  Bowling (PHED-101)   85
  Tennis (PHED-102)   30
  Golf (PHED-103 and PHED-113)   75
  Racquetball (PHED-104)   30
  Swimming (PHED-106)   65
  Skiing Fee (PHED-109 and PHED-110)   150
  Marathon Training (PHED-118)   150
  Taekwondo and Self-Defense (PHED-136, PHED-137 and PHED-138)   100
  Rugby (PHED-139, PHED-239, PHED-339, PHED-439)   75
  The Teaching of Individual & Lifetime Activities (PHED-380)   25
  Teaching Dual Team Activities (PHED-390)   25
  Applied Research in Operations Management (BUSN-461)   85
  Strategic Management (BUSN-497)   55
  Outdoor Recreational Activities Fee (RECR-132, RECR-232, RECR-233 and RECR-234   150


Music Fees (per semester)



  Applied Music   $200
    (1-4 credit hours of applied lessons.  Available only to full-time music majors.)  
  Applied Music $200
    (This fee is per credit hour of applied lessons for the student who is not a full-time music major.)  
  Class Voice or Class Piano (group instruction, per semester)   100
  Registration Fee for students who register only for applied lessons   25
  Accompanist Fees    
    Music Majors (automatically applied)    150
    Non-Music Major   150
    Applied Conducting (automatically applied)   175
    Class Voice Accompanist Fee (automatically applied)   75
    Elective Recital Accompanist Fee   100
  Orchestral or Band Instrument Rental (per semester)   85
  Elective Recital Production Fee    
    (Half hour recital - $75. Full hour recital - $150)    75/150

NOTE: Music lessons are taught on a semester basis. Fees for applied music are non-refundable after the first lesson. Accompanist fees are non-refundable after September 19 (fall semester) or February 6 (spring semester).

Summer School Fees

The cost of attending Lee University during summer 2013 is:
  Tuition   $530 per hour
  Registration Fee   25 per term
  Room   260 per term
  Key deposit (payable at check-in, refundable)   30
  Music Fees   See previous section on Music Fees (Super Session only)
The cost of attending Lee University during summer 2014 is:
  Tuition   $550 per hour
  Registration Fee   25 per term
  Room   275 per term
  Key deposit (payable at check-in, refundable)   30
  Music Fees   See previous section on Music Fees (Super Session only)


In those cases where more than one member of an immediate household is registered full time (at least 12 hours), a 25% discount on the lesser tuition is permitted for each additional student after the first.  Please notify the Student Financial Services Office at the beginning of each semester in order to be assured of receiving the discount. This policy does not include married children or students considered independent for financial aid purposes.  Students already receiving full tuition scholarships will not be eligible for the family tuition discount.  Discounts and scholarships awarded by Lee University cannot exceed the cost of tuition.

Settlement of Accounts

Students should be prepared to pay full semester charges on or before registration. Money may be submitted in advance to the Student Financial Services Office. This payment will facilitate registration. On-campus students are required to pay $5,350 and part-time or off-campus students are required to pay fifty percent down on or before registration according to the deferred payment plan. Students who are unable to pay their accounts in full must either borrow the necessary funds or enroll in the university’s deferred payment plan. Parents and students who will have difficulty paying the full charges within the semester are encouraged to make advance arrangements for borrowing the needed funds. The university also offers Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express services by which students may pay on their accounts.

Deferred Payment Plan

Any full-time, on-campus student desiring to participate in the university’s deferred payment plan is required to pay $5,350 down at registration and the balance of the semester charges in two equal payments on the dates mentioned below. Any part-time student or off-campus student desiring to participate in the deferred payment plan is required to pay fifty percent of the total charges at registration and the balance of semester charges in two equal monthly payments on the dates mentioned below. The same financial requirements apply to veterans and others in cases when money is not sent directly to Lee University. In all cases, when the student does not have the down payment, a commitment letter is required from those underwriting the student’s account. Students enrolling in the deferred payment plan will be charged a $85 fee for this service. This fee will apply to all students owing a balance in excess of $500 at the completion of registration.

Fall Semester

Full-time, on-campus students must pay $5,350 at registration; off-campus and part-time students must pay fifty percent of their total charges. The balance must be paid as follows:

  • First payment by September 30
  • Final payment by October 31

Spring Semester

The same down payment ($5,350) is required at registration. (Off-campus and part-time students must pay fifty percent of their total charges.) The balance must be paid as follows:

  • First payment by February 28
  • Final payment by March 31

A bill will be sent to the student’s permanent address (unless otherwise indicated) each month. However, the student is still responsible for timely payments, even if a bill is not received. If payment is not made on the due date, a $35 late fee will be assessed.

Deferred Payment Plan for Summer School

Ordinarily students are required to pay the full charges for all sessions at registration. However, those unable to pay the full amount may defer up to 50% of the charges for a maximum of 30 days. Students delaying registration for second or third session must pay an additional registration fee of $25. Students enrolling in the deferred payment plan will be charged a $85 fee for this service. This fee will apply to all students owing a balance in excess of $500 at the completion of registration.

Refund Policy

No reduction of charges will be granted unless application is made within two weeks of any change in program or departure of the student. STUDENTS WHO WITHDRAW FROM THE UNIVERSITY AFTER THE FIFTH WEEK OF CLASSES WILL RECEIVE NO ADJUSTMENT ON TUITION, FEES, AND ROOM. Those whose study is interrupted by the university for discipline reasons will receive no adjustment on tuition, fees, and room after the fifth week of classes. When a student withdraws from the university or moves out of on-campus housing, his or her ROOM CHARGES WILL BE ADJUSTED ON THE SAME SCHEDULE AS TUITION AND FEES.  Board charges will be prorated from the date of withdrawal. If a student withdraws during a semester and requests a refund of advanced payments, the following rules will determine the amount of adjustment, provided the student withdraws formally through the Office of Student Life.

  1. Tuition, fees, and room, with the exception of matriculation and registration fees, will be adjusted on the following percentages:
    During first two weeks of semester
    During third week of semester
    During fourth week of semester
    During fifth week of semester
    After fifth week of semester
    No Adjustment
  2. Board will be adjusted by the full amount unused at the date of withdrawal
  4. No person who registers as a full-time student and is later permitted to drop enough courses to place him/her in the classification of a part-time student will be entitled to an adjustment or prorated tuition after the fifth week.
  5. Mandatory refunds and repayments to Federal Title IV student financial aid programs will be calculated based upon earned and unearned aid percentages as outlined by the Federal Government. The formula for such calculations is based on the number of days in a given semester and the number of days attendance completed by the student prior to his/her withdrawal. Refunds mandated by the calculation could possibly increase the amount a student must pay after he/she withdraws from school. Please refer to “Return of Federal Title IV Financial Aid Policy” in the Undergrad Financial Aid section.

Refund Policy for Summer School

  1. Withdrawals during the first week of classes will receive 50% credit on tuition and room. THERE IS NO REFUND AFTER THE FIRST WEEK.
  3. If you register for multiple sessions and withdraw prior to the beginning of the second or third session, you will receive full refund for the second or third session (whichever is applicable).

Accounts Must be Paid Prior to Final Examinations

Written commitments for aid from Lee University or other sources are the only substitutes for the required down payment. Therefore, students should assume responsibility for applying for aid in advance and for seeing that the proper letters or cash arrive at the Student Financial Services Office by registration day.

While we recognize the problems involved in increasing costs to the student, education with a Christian emphasis is the greatest personal investment available today. The university will assist students in every way possible to finance their education. If you need financial assistance, please check with our Office of Student Financial Aid.

Accounts with the school must be settled in full before a diploma or a transcript of credits is issued or a letter of honorable dismissal is granted. ACCOUNTS MUST BE PAID BEFORE FINAL EXAMINATIONS ARE TAKEN. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO GRADUATE UNTIL HIS/HER ACCOUNT IS PAID IN FULL.