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    Lee University
    Jan 20, 2022  
Lee University Catalog 2012-2013 
Lee University Catalog 2012-2013 [Archived Catalog]


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Rickie D. Moore, Chairperson

Biblical Studies

Professors Rickie Moore and William Simmons
Professor Paul Schmidgall (European Theological Seminary)
Associate Professor Michael Fuller
Assistant Professor Mark Proctor
Assistant Professor Brian Peterson

Historical Studies

Distinguished Professor Donald Bowdle
Assistant Professor David Roebuck

Theological Studies

Professor Terry L. Cross
Assistant Professors Skip Jenkins,  Lisa Stephenson, and Daniela Augustine

Philosophical Studies

 Assistant Professor Timothy Miller


Biblical Studies
Historical Studies
Philosophical Studies
Theological Studies

The Department of Theology encompasses the disciplines of biblical, theological, and historical studies, as well as philosophy and biblical languages. It offers a major in Biblical and Theological Studies. Students may choose one of two tracks in this major. The first is a Pre- Graduate Studies Emphasis in which further training at the graduate level or seminary is anticipated. The second is a Pastoral Studies Emphasis in which some skills requisite for pastoral ministry are offered.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with their advisors concerning the difference between these two degrees and the other programs offered in the School of Religion so that they may choose the one that best reflects their calling and gifts. The Department of Theology also serves the university as a whole by providing an 18-hour minor to university graduates. This is described as the Religion Core. The goal of this core is to enable all graduates to be conversant in the Christian faith and to begin integrating the faith in all aspects of their lives and vocations.

Biblical and Theological Studies

The major in Biblical and Theological Studies is intended for the person who wants a thorough preparation in biblical and theological knowledge. It is the recommended degree program for those who plan to continue their education at the graduate level. The degree with Pastoral Studies Emphasis may also be useful for thorough preparation in biblical and theological studies as well as some training in the skills of pastoral ministry.

The Biblical and Theological Studies degree provides a foundation of Bible content, Christian doctrine, biblical languages (especially New Testament Greek), and Church history. Elements from the discipline of philosophy are also introduced to students for the purpose of making them conversant in the major issues of thought throughout the ages. This program is ideal for those who plan to work in the educational ministry of the church.

Religion Minor

As part of the university’s general core of courses, the Religion Core is a set of eighteen hours in the following courses: BIBL-110, BIBL-111, RELG-200, Christian service component, THEO-230, THEO-231 and one three-hour Religion “Capstone” course within one’s major that integrates the Christian faith with one’s chosen discipline.

Religion Core courses should be taken in the order in which they are listed here. Any variance to this order may result in a student not being prepared for the work in an upper level course. This sequence, therefore, is crucial since material in the upper level courses presumes knowledge of the lower level courses. The only possible variation is between BIBL-110 and BIBL- 111. These courses can be taken in either order, but both must be completed before taking THEO-230. In addition, THEO-230 must be completed before taking THEO-231. RELG-200 should be taken after BIBL-110 and BIBL-111.

The Christian service component is designed to occur throughout a student’s time at Lee.

Any student who majors within the Department of Christian Ministries or the Department of Theology does not follow the same pattern as the rest of the university. To fulfill their Religion Core, majors within the School of Religion take the following courses: BIBL- 101, BIBL-102, RELG-200, Christian service component, THEO-230 and THEO-231. These hours are combined within the biblical or theological electives in all School of Religion disciplines, and therefore School of Religion majors do not obtain a minor in religion. The Religion Core seeks to equip students with a well-rounded grasp of biblical and theological foundations (BIBL-101/111, BIBL-102/110 and THEO-230), as well as an understanding of their practical applications (THEO-231). Additionally, the Religion Core introduces students to the concept of Christian service (RELG- 200) and its application through experience (a two credit hour Christian service component that includes eight service units with each unit representing approximately 10 hours of actual service). Transfer students will complete one service unit per semester at Lee. Questions regarding service should be directed to the Leonard Center. The goal of the Religion Core is to nurture students to think critically about their faith and to engage the needs of others because of their faith.

Programs of Study

The Department of Theology offers the following programs of study:

Degree Major Code
B.A. Biblical and Theological Studies (Pre-graduate Studies Emphasis) BTSTS.BA
B.A. Biblical and Theological Studies (Pastoral Studies Emphasis) BTSPS.BS


For each of the programs of study in the Department of Theology, the GPA is computed from the specialty area. Although transfer students may have already acquired the hours required in Biblical & Theological Studies for a specific program, the Department of Theology requires its students to take the following courses at Lee University: THEO-437-438 (Systematic Theology) and two semesters of book studies, one of which must be BIBL-402 (Romans and Galatians.) If the transfer student has already taken two semesters of Systematic Theology, the courses may be retaken or THEO-337 (Theology of the Old Testament) and THEO-338 (Theology of the New Testament) may be taken instead. In addition, students taking this major on campus may not take Systematic Theology (THEO- 437-438) or Romans and Galatians (BIBL-402) from the Center for Adult and Professional Studies, except under special circumstances. BIBL-101, BIBL-102 and THEO- 230 are pre-requisites to all 300- and 400-level courses in Biblical Studies and for all 300-level courses in Theological Studies.  For 400-level courses in Theological Studies there is the additional pre-requisite of THEO-231.

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