Lee University Catalog 2012-2013 
    Nov 29, 2020  
Lee University Catalog 2012-2013 [Archived Catalog]

Music Performance (MUSPF.MM)

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Master of Music – Performance (MUSPH.MM)

Statement of Purpose

The Master of Music - Performance is designed to provide graduate professional education for men and women who wish to pursue or are currently involved in music performance and/or studio instruction. The rigorous training in individual performance is designed to strengthen the performer’s skills on the concert stage. Exposure to a broad range of literature in class, studio, performance lab and listening will increase the student’s knowledge of performance literature from various periods, styles, genres and composers. Instructional pedagogy in the student’s medium will assist in preparing the student for competency in private instruction.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Music - Performance degree, the individual should possess the following qualities, abilities, and skills:

  1. The ability to perform as a soloist and in ensembles with distinctive skill
  2. The ability to instruct students in private lessons utilizing effective pedagogical methods
  3. Sufficient piano skills (a) to prepare solo literature for rehearsal, and (b) to accompany simple song literature for private lessons
  4. A basic working knowledge of current music technology for use in practical and artistic applications
  5. Ability to prepare musical performances that are informed by an understanding of applicable historical performance practices
  6. Demonstrable understanding of musical style as discovered in advanced music analysis
  7. Interpersonal skills necessary for functioning appropriately with supervisors, conductors, agents, audiences, and students
  8. Extended knowledge and experience in the area of studio teaching and rehearsal settings, including conceptual and practical applications of practices that support learning
  9. An extensive grasp of literature in the area of the student’s medium sufficient for initial performance needs, and the ability to find and identify literature for upper-level high school and college students in all applicable areas of solo performance media
  10. Understanding and utilization of research methods that improve practices in rehearsal and performance and ability to frame the results in a scholarly manner
  11. Enhancement and extension of knowledge of current trends and issues in music performance
  12. Articulation of a Christian worldview of art, artistry, performance, and pedagogy

Course Offering

The Master of Music - Performance degree is to be considered a residential degree. Students matriculating in this degree program should expect to attend classes on campus and be generally available for class sessions on all weekdays.


Master of Music – Performance

Major Performing Area

Subtotal Major Performing Area: 14

Subtotal Technical Performing Area: 12


  • Free music elective - Credit Hours: 1
  • MUED 516 - Choral Conducting   Credit Hours: 2
  • MUED 517 - Instrumental Conducting   Credit Hours: 2

Subtotal Additional Studies in Music: 8

Total Hours in Program: 34

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