Lee University Catalog 2013-2014 
    Jan 19, 2021  
Lee University Catalog 2013-2014 [Archived Catalog]

Christian Studies - CHRST.BA

Degree Checklist

For a check list of all the courses required for this degree program and a suggested four-year sequence of study, please click on the link below.


Religion Core - 18 Hours

Biblical / Theological Foundation

General Education Core - 42 Hours

(Any student who transitions to a Lee campus program must meet the Lee university residential general education requirements as outlined in the undergraduate catalog.)


Bachelor of Arts degree candidates must complete six (6) hours of a foreign language at the intermediate level or higher.  All students must take ENGL-106 and ENGL-110 by the completion of the 18th hour of college credit.  If a student does not meet this requirement, he/she must enroll in ENGL-106 or 110 before enrolling in any additional courses.

Humanities (12 Hours)

Social Science (6 Hours)

Natural Science and Mathematics (6 Hours)

     Mathematics - 100 level or higher  (3 hours)
     Natural Science  (3 hours)

Foreign Language (6 Hours)

     Choose two 3-hour courses of a modern foreign language at the intermediate level or higher.

Specialty Area Requirements - 36 Hours

A student pursing this major will consult with a designated advisor in the Division of Adult Learning to design a major program of study that meets the requirements listed below. 

The specialty area must meet the following criteria:

     •The major must include a minimum of 36 hours.
     •The student must select nine credit hours from four separate disciplines chosen from the list below.
     •At least 18 hours of the major must be in upper division (300 and 400 level) courses.
     •The student must achieve a minimum major GPA of 2.0 to graduate.
     •A minimum of 120 hours are required for graduation. The student must take enough general electives to fill the remaining hours required for graduation.
     •Courses designated as general education or religion core requirements will not count toward the major, even if the student did not take the course(s) to meet general core or religion core.

The student may choose courses from any four of the following disciplines:    Bible / Christian Counseling / Christian Education / Christian Leadership / Church History / Intercultural Studies / Pastoral Ministry / Theology

If the student has coursework or an interest in a discipline not listed above, he/she may petition the Christian Studies Committee to include it as one of the four major disciplines.


Collateral Requirements - 15 Hours

General Electives - 9 Hours

Total Hours for Graduation: 120