Lee University Catalog 2019-2020 
    Nov 20, 2019  
Lee University Catalog 2019-2020

Piano Proficiency Requirement

The piano proficiency curriculum is designed to enhance and reinforce student understanding of music theory and aural skills, as well as to equip music graduates with practical keyboard skills for their respective careers.

Before initial matriculation as a music major, each student’s functional piano skills are evaluated by the piano faculty. This may result in either of the following outcomes: (1) the student’s skills are deemed proficient in all areas, or (2) the student is assigned to the appropriate level of piano study: MUSG 101 , MUSG 111 , MUSG 112 , MUSG 211 , MUSG 212 , or MUSG 213 . Students deemed proficient in all areas are not required to enroll in piano.

Unless deemed proficient in all skills prior to initial matriculation, students must enroll in piano (class or applied) every semester until all aspects of the proficiency are passed. Students must be enrolled in piano to play any proficiency exam.

Successful completion of a Sophomore Piano Proficiency Exam is required for graduation by the School of Music for all BM, BME, and BS students. This exam is also a prerequisite for student teaching for BME students.

Students enrolled in the BA in Music are required to pass a Freshman Piano Proficiency Exam.