Lee University Catalog 2019-2020 
    Oct 15, 2019  
Lee University Catalog 2019-2020

Intercultural Studies, Urban Missions: International Relief & Community Development Emphasis (ICSMU.BA)

Degree Checklist

For a check list of all the courses required for this degree program and a suggested four-year sequence of study, please click on the link below.

ICSMU_BA 19-20  

General Education Requirements - Total Hours: 55

Click here for the General Education Core requirements  

For ICSMU.BA Majors, MTHS-135 is required in lieu of MTHS-110 (since MTHS-135 is a pre-requisite for ACCT-241, which is required for this major, MTHS-135 is the Math requirement).

GNST 251 is not required for ICSMU.BA Majors.

Please Note: For School of Religion majors, the courses listed below in Developing Biblical Faith and Lifestyle for All School of Religion Majors (16 hours) will replace the courses listed in the Developing Biblical Faith and Lifestyle (12 hours) section in the General Education Core requirements.

Developing Biblical Faith and Lifestyle for All School of Religion Majors: 16

These courses must be taken in sequence as listed below, with the exception of BIBL-101/BIBL-102, either of which may be taken first or second. THEO-251 and THEO-231 may be taken in the same semester. The first three courses listed below (BIBL-101, BIBL-102, and THEO-250) are similar to the first three courses in the general religion core but are geared specifically for School of Religion majors. The fourth course listed below (THEO-251) will be a continuation of THEO-250 and will further prepare students for focused study in the School of Religion majors. RELG-495 is the School of Religion Capstone class and should be taken in the final year before graduation, preferably in the last semester or the second to last semester.

Religion Core for School of Religion Majors (16)

Christian Service (80 clock hours)

Each student will complete 80 clock hours of Christian Service. Transfer students will complete 10 clock hours of service per semester. Christian Service is not a course; the hours are earned by a combination of class, group, and individual service learning experiences.

Subtotal Specialty Area Requirements: 36

Bible Elective - Credit Hours: 3

Select one of the following courses:

Subtotal Collateral Requirements: 29

Total Hours in Program: 121