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    Lee University
    Feb 02, 2023  
Lee University Catalog 2019-2020 
Lee University Catalog 2019-2020 [Archived Catalog]

School of Music Graduate Studies

William R. Green, Dean

Phillip Thomas, Associate Dean

Graduate Studies in Music

Brad Moffett, Director

Statement of Purpose

The School of Music provides discipline related experiences in music performance, music education, music and worship, and conducting which will prepare Lee University students for responsible artistic action.

For the student who wishes to pursue music as a profession, course offerings will assist in preparing graduate students for careers in the ministry of music in either church leadership or performance roles, music education in either public or private schools or private studio teaching, conducting bands and choirs, and the public performance arena as soloist or collaborative artist.

The Graduate Music Committee

The Graduate Music Committee’s responsibility is to give administrative oversight to the Graduate Studies in Music program. The committee considers and recommends curricular changes to the university faculty, approves all policies, assesses effectiveness of the graduate program, serves as the Admissions Committee, reviews candidacy, and approves applicants for graduation. The Graduate Music Committee consists of: Bradley Moffett, D.W.S., Director, Graduate Studies in Music; William R. Green, D.M.A., Dean of the School of Music; Mark Bailey, D.M.E.; Ron Brendel, D.M.A.; Andrea Dismukes, D.M.A.; David Holsinger, D.M.A.; Austin Patty, Ph. D.; Phillip Thomas, Ph. D.; Linda Thompson, Ph. D.; Doug Warner, D.M.A.; Jonathan Rodgers, D.M.A.

Graduate Programs in Music Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements for All Students:

The Applicant must have:

  • Undergraduate degree in music from an accredited institution
  • Minimum 2.75 grade point average on a 4.0 scale

If the applicant has a grade point average less than 2.75, the student may petition for admission based on tenure as a music educator, private teacher, or professional experience for a cumulative period of no less than three years. Action on this petition will be determined by the Graduate Music Committee.

The following application materials must be submitted:

  • Completed Lee University Application to Graduate Studies form (
  • $25.00 Application Fee (non-refundable)
  • Official transcript of all college work
  • Essay explaining rationale for graduate study (see criteria for specific degree program)
  • Resume
  • Three Recommendation Forms completed by three professionals, including two academic and one personal reference(Conducting degree must have reference letters to replace the forms.)
  • Measles Immunization Verification (if born after January 1, 1957).  The Certification of Immunization form ( must be completed and signed by a licensed health care provider and returned to the Lee University Health Clinic prior to registration.
  • Proof of Chicken Pox Immunity (Required for all full-time students born after 1979).

Prerequisite to full acceptance is the successful completion of any required remediation. No more than 12 hours of graduate courses may be completed before all deficiencies are removed.

Each applicant must complete all proficiency auditions, placement exams, and other auditions required by the Graduate Music Office. These include placement exams in music theory, music history, diction (for Choral Conducting and Vocal Performance programs), and the piano proficiency placement hearing (not required for instrumental performance students).

Each applicant is required to have an interview with members of the Graduate Music Committee.

Specific Discipline Application Requirements

MM-Music and Worship

No Additional Application Requirements

MM-Conducting (Choral/Wind)

Submission of a rehearsal/performance video with the initial application for review by the Director of Graduate Studies in Music and members of the conducting faculty. Upon review by the graduate admissions committee, a limited number of applicants demonstrating proficient conducing skills will be invited for an on-campus live audition with one of the university ensembles, placement exams and an interview with members of the graduate committee.

Note: The initial video submission should be a minimum of 15 minutes including a rehearsal and a performance. The camera should face the conductor. Please state your name clearly at the beginning of the video. DVD format or a working link to a hosting site is acceptable.

MM-Music Education (Distance) 

An undergraduate degree in Music from an accredited institution is a prerequisite for admission. If the prospective candidate does not already hold teaching certification, post-baccalaureate certification (requiring additional coursework and student teaching) can be pursued simultaneously with the Master of Music - Music Education. Post-baccalaureate requirements must be completed prior to completion of the Master of Music - Music Education. 

In addition to the resume, transcripts, and letters of recommendation, the following materials are required for admission to the Master of Music - Music Education.

  1. Three-to-four page essay, including:
    1. Rationale to study at Lee University
    2. Description of your background in music
    3. Statement of your professional goals upon completion of this degree
    4. Discussion of ways you feel you will contribute to the Music Education profession
  2. Teaching videotape (Submit ONE of the following)
    1. Secondary Choral or Instrumental specialization:

Submit a video-tape of a typical class/rehearsal period of no less than 45 minutes. The tape should include a clear demonstration of the applicant conducting as well as rehearsal techniques (pedagogical aspects). The applicant may include 1-2 pages of a narrative giving additional information regarding the taped rehearsal as well as the lesson-plan.


         b. General music specialization:

Submit a video-tape with a minimum of 20 minutes of teaching for each of two grade levels or for two different lessons (class periods). The lessons should include at least one demonstration of singing with children. Lesson plans for the videotaped sessions should be included with the tape submission.


Students seeking a post-baccaulaureate teaching certification may submit a video from a church music rehearsal or senior recital in place of the teaching video.

Applicants submitting application materials on or before May 1 (for Fall Semester matriculation) or on or before February 1 (for Summer matriculation) will receive first consideration.

MM- Performance

  1. A dossier of available programs, articles, and performance reviews.
  2. Each applicant must perform an audition in his/her primary applied area for the graduate performance faculty.(See additional requirements:

Specific Discipline Placements

MM-Music and Worship

Conducting Placement Exam:  A Conducting Placement Exam will be administered to each student to determine whether the student’s conducting skills are appropriate for the study of conducting at the graduate level. Vocal students will conduct a University choral ensemble and instrumental students will conduct a University instrumental ensemble. Please contact the Graduate Studies in Music Office for specific pieces to be used for the placement, and to set-up an appointment for the placement to take place with one of the Lee University ensembles.

Vocal Placement Exam:  For the Voice exam the student will perform one selection of his/her choosing. The placement committee will be interested in having the student demonstrate their ability to produce a pleasant tone and to sing on pitch.

Important Points:

1. The student will sing a selection of his/her choosing for which a recorded accompaniment may be used.

2. It is preferable for the student to select from sacred/church-related literature.

3. Piano accompaniment is available when requested in advance.

International Students

The university is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students on an F-1 visa. International applicants are expected to apply well in advance of their projected beginning date. All academic records and other credentials must be accompanied by an official English translation. If transfer credit from an institution outside the United States is desired, an evaluation from World Education Services ( must be submitted. [Refer to the “Transfer Credit” section under Graduate Academic Policies for additional information.]

In addition to general admissions requirements, international students must supply the following:

  1. TOEFL Scores: All applicants who are not native speakers of English and who will be attending the university on a student visa and who are not graduates of an American college or university are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Information on this test can be attained by writing to TOEFL Educational Testing Service; Princeton, New Jersey 08540; U.S.A. (or go to All test scores should be sent directly from the testing agency to Lee University (Lee University Code: 1401).  To be admitted to Lee University graduate studies without English remediation, a minimum TOEFL score of 61(iBT) is required. Remediation requirements are determined by the individual graduate programs.
  2. Financial Statement: An applicant on an F-1 student visa must supply, on the form provided by the university, sufficient evidence of financial support for the applicant and all members of his/her family who will accompany the applicant to Lee. This requires that the applicant certify that his/her intent is to attend full time and that no employment will be required.

All of the above credentials must be received and approved before a SEVIS Form I-20 can be issued to the applicant.  More information can be found in the Graduate International Student Booklet.

Completion Requirements

1.Graduate students must successfully complete a final project based on their degree program.  The final project must be completed at least three weeks prior to graduation.

  1. Master of Music, Music and Worship students must successfully complete a worship festival which must be completed at least three weeks prior to graduation.  There can be no more than one worship festival in any one semester by one individual.
  2. Master of Music - Music Education students must successfully complete a thesis (two options) or final project.
  3. Master of Music - Performance students must successfully present a one-hour public recital presented at least three weeks prior to graduation. Only one attempt per semester is allowed for the recital.
  4. Master of Music - Conducting students will conduct a portion of an ensemble concert for each of the four semesters they are enrolled in applied conducting lessons and serving as a student conductor with the ensemble. These performances collectively will qualify as a culminating project under the NASM standard of “concert-length performance or equivalent.” In addition, each student will compile a portfolio. The portfolio should be a representation of the student’s best work and document professional growth occurring throughout the course of study for the Master of Music - Conducting.
  5. After all coursework for the degree is completed with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, students will be allowed one semester to complete their thesis or final project. If the thesis or project is not completed during that semester, students will enroll in GRAD-599 and will be charged regular registration fees for each fall and/or spring semester in which a continuation is required. (Enrollment in this course will not be required over a summer semester unless collaborative work between the supervising professor and student is planned).

For more detailed information concerning the recital/final project/worship festival, refer to the School of Music Graduate Handbook.

2. A student is considered for candidacy for graduate degrees only after the completion of 23 (MUSMW.MM or 25 (MMEOL.MM, MUSPF. MM, & MUSCO.MM) hours of course work and the successful completion of the written and oral comprehensive exams.

3. Graduate Music and Worship students will have an internship requirement in which they will serve in a local church or other appropriate venue under the supervision of a qualified professional and his/her graduate faculty advisor.